• ShiZi: Tarantino

    24 January 2020

    "If you are a Tarantino fan, you will be fascinated. If you are not, you will become one," swear ShiZi, the professional impro troupe that is currently bringing out new performances developed with the help of guests from abroad. Directed by Yohim Meyer from Amsterdam, Tarantino again gives the audience the lead as usual, but uses Quentin's famous techniques: colorful characters, suspense, violence brought to absurdity. Will there be feet? Let's see - on January 24 at 20:00 in the Chamber Hall of the Salza & Smyah theater.
  • Artist Talk: Angie Palmai

    20 January 2020

    Angie Palmai has been teaching Fashion and Visual Culture in Budapest for 12 years now, but she has a lot of other things going on as well, all in the same field. She arrives at PhotoSynthesis on January 20 at 19:00 for a free Artist Talk to share her experience in the fields of art and creativity, style and photography, to talk about the visual language of different brands, as well as visual storytelling. There will also be a workshop, teaching you how to edit our photo projects. You only need good English to enter.
  • The singing barmaid + Vitosha fest + Human rights

    18 January 2020

    Some good events for January 18th:

    On January 18, every third order from the bar in Mozei will prompt Ivo Dimchev to sing a song. The format is new, but will be coming often in the future - by the end of the month at the same address our drinks and music are being poured by Georgi Arsov (22nd) and Mila Robert (30th). Entrance is 10BGN, the start at 8:00 PM.

    While snow is a vision down here in the city, Vitosha Mountain is becoming a stage for games, mountaineering songs and quizzes and races in various disciplines. The initiative is a global one, in the for Snow Day, and wants to help children love winter sports so that while we compete in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, the little ones have a free lesson - on January 18th at Aleko Chalet from 10:00.

    "2019 was a difficult year for the fight for gender equality in Bulgaria," say the students of the Student Society for Equality at Sofia University. They have come together to fight for the university to be a place for everyone, but they're also meaning to address the problems of our entire society in accepting the different and respecting human rights. On January 18 at 12:00 at the monument of Aleko Vitosha starts a solidarity march.
  • Music Quiz

    16 January 2020

    If you've been to a quiz before, you know the terms of this one too: a team of 3 to 8 fights 6 rounds of thematic questions (in this case musical), and finally 3 teams grab the awards (in this case books, CDs, alcohol and concert tickets). Well, there is something new: The Raven and the Cannonball bar are already collecting the results from their quizzes in a general ranking with more gifts for regular players. On January 23 from 8:00 pm the presenter is Krasi Moskov and you can sign in in the bar's facebook page, 5lv is the price for a player.

    25 January 2020

  • The Art of Production

    22 January 2020

    This new series of events at Koncept Space will introduce us regularly to people from the music industry who will show and tell us things we've been wondering about They will not necessarily be musicians - sometimes they will be the ones who help us hear the elements of the tune better. The first participant is DJ/producer Ivan Shopov. For 10BGN on January 22 at 19:00 he dissects the process of creating a piece of his own music and demonstrates how a couple of sound design softwares work.
  • SOS koala

    16 January 2020

    What happens in a group chat in messenger other than sharing memes? "From time to time, someone launches an idea to raise funds for a meaningful cause, and things escalate into such events," the organizers of this charity bazaar say for their own, which is in favor of fighting the fire in Australia. There will be food, fashion, art and more to buy, live music, workshops, discussions and an info point on WWF - on January 19th from 3:30 pm in hall In the Park.
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled

    21 January 2020

    They appeared about 240 million years ago, but we have a word by which to call them only since 1842. Dinosaurs continue to be both subjects of serious studies and yet quite mysterious. On January 21 at City Stage at 19:00 Ratio, the Museum of Natural History and lecturer Vladimir Nikolov, a paleontologist and scientific illustrator, start the topic to fill the gaps in our dino-knowledge. Admission is free.
  • Political satire

    17 January 2020

    Kinematograf.bg is again a guest of the Traveller's Club, this time with a selection of short films ridiculing aspects of political, economic and social life in general. We join the party after we get our 7BGN ticket from the club's website on January 17th at 19:00.
  • I Cure

    15 January 2020

    It's high time to do so, if you haven't yet watched the show about which The New York Times writes: "I-cure removes taboos and Ivo Dimchev's performance is virtuous." We're expecting humour combined with provocation, and it's hosted by his own MOZEI. Book your place here.
  • Medea

    16 January 2020

    With an award for the humanities for this performance, Snezhina Petrova celebrates her birthday on it's stage as well. To her, the date is even more important than usual: she was first named after the snow, which fell 50 years ago on January 16; but when she was 13, she flooded her home three times, for which she was grounded not to celebrate turning 14. She voluntarily extended the period of the grounding and for the next years she's celebrated on and off - so it is a double honor that she will do so in front of us at the Azaryan Theater with tickets of BGN 15-30 from the National Palace of Culture.
  • Fuckup nights vol. 18

    14 January 2020

    Hearing that other people sometimes fail, but keep at it, is inspiring and sometimes fun. What are the downfalls and how four people from different professional backgrounds have recovered, we are listening on January 14th at the National Student House for 12 BGN from epaygo.bg. They start at 7.30pm, but come earlier for networking.
  • Sofia from the old maps

    13 January 2020

    Which old maps include Serdika and what was the city famous for? And how did it grow in the 20th century? You will know these things after January 13th, if you sign up here and at 7pm you go to the bar at Cosmos Coworking Camp to grab a drink and pay the entrance fee of 10 leva.
  • The happiness machine

    12 January 2020

    Irina Ivanov-IrrA gets a camera 10 years ago to shoot people, and today she is an operator at LA with numerous ads, music videos and fashion sessions in her portfolio. However, in her first exhibition here, she shows photographs from Burning Man festival. We are experiencing it all through her until January 12 at KO-OP.
  • Bulgarian cinema + Honey tasting

    11 January 2020

    Two events on January 11:

    January 13, 1915 is the date of the first Bulgarian screening, but do not assume that we will celebrate it with films of the Bulgaran is gallant. Art cinemas have a three-day program from January 11th that gives you the possibility of catching up with a few recent titles such as Walking on Water, Photo with Yuki, and People's Palace. You can also see what happens with the new BG animation - see when here.

    Few months ago, a new tenant washed the windows at the long empty address Tsar Simeon 64 to attract us with sweets and recipes for luch. They are called At Irina and often invite us to events such as this honey tasting: for 25 leva you will be trying 20 types on specially selected bites and will learn even more combinations with food and drinks. On January 11th from 6:30 pm, places are reserved in advance with a call to 0878 735 196.
  • All ages party: Secta

    3 January 2020

    The Gramophone club has kicked off the decade with a new party series, accessible to all ages. On January 3rd, the club's microphone is for Secta's rap, and you should be on site by 7pm. The first 50 guests enter for 10BGN, and if you are not among them, bring 12BGN and don't forget your party energy - the evening will continue 'till dawn with music by Tyrbo.
  • The Himalayas are for everybody

    8 January 2020

    The Himalayas are truly accessible to anyone, swear Sylvia Atanasova and Evlogi Birbochekov who spent 10 days in Nepal, split between a cultural stroll between Kathmandu and Pokhara and trekking In the high mountains. On January 8th, we listen to stories and watch photos from their journey at the Traveler's Club at 19:00 for 7.50BGN.
  • A meeting with architect Pavel Yanchev

    7 January 2020

    Pavel is an architect and urbanist with a home address in Belgium, but also a strong commitment to projects related to urban development in Sofia. The Urban Development Laboratory, the Union of Urbanists in Bulgaria and the Generator start this series of meetings with people like him in order to familiarize the local environment with the experience of other countries and to discuss its implementation in our country. On January 7, Pavel talks about the city planning system in Brussels, with Nurhan Redzheb from place.make as moderator. Admission is free, be at Generator at 18:30.
  • Quiz night

    6 January 2020

    If you have three other friends with a quick and accurate mind, your team for the next quiz at the Thin Red Line bar is set. Take them there on January 6 at 20:00. The best ones get a bottle of whiskey, shots, 50BGN consumption at the bar and the obligation to compose the next quiz there.
  • Lie to me, I love you

    5 January 2020

    The comedy of the British Alan Ackburn (directed by Malin Krastev) below situations from the lives of several couples who gradually become entangled in their phone scams. We watch this on the tear stage and laugh on January 5 from 7:00 pm with tickets from theater.art.bg .