• Ratio presents: The future of medicine

    30 March 2021

  • The pleasure of poetry: Meeting four. Treasure.

    28 March 2021

  • Free Virtual Tour: Puglia- Italy’s Heel of Wonders

    27 March 2021

    A romantic land bathed by the sun where the climate is always mild, baroque towns, white-washed trullo houses, olive groves and orchards, blue sea and excellent cuisine: this is Puglia, the region in the heel of Italy’s boot. The tour starts in March 27 at 8:30PM after a registration here.
  • Stream The Royal Ballet's Concerto

    26 March 2021

    Created in 1966 for the Deutsche Opera Ballet in Berlin and set against the backdrop of Shostakovich's Piano Concerto № 2, today we see the performance of Anna Rose O'Sullivan - soloist of the Royal Ballet, James Hay and Mayara Magri from 2019. We are watching in on March 26 at 9pm here.
  • Burgers, beers and music to play

    31 March 2021

  • The Surrealist Lee Miller: Antony Penrose

    25 March 2021

    Elizabeth "Lee" Miller, was an American photographer and photojournalist. She was a fashion model in New York City in the 1920s before going to Paris, where she became a fashion and fine art photographer. During the Second World War, she was a war correspondent for Vogue, covering events such as the London Blitz, the liberation of Paris, and the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau. Her son is now talking about her life and art on March 15 at 7pm. For more information click here.
  • Scriptwriting: The Hidden Dangers

    24 March 2021

    As an experienced educator, Steven Goldsmith has taught numerous courses in screenwriting under various auspices - including Salem State College & Stonehill College (Massachusetts), The Offline Film Festival, FilmOffaly and Ireland's Green Drama Festival - from 1/2 day lectures to weekend workshops to full-semester courses. He is now inviting us on March 24 at 2PM in ZOOM .
  • Contemporary Canadian Art

    23 March 2021

    On March 23 at 5:30pm J. Drouin-Brisebois will present the work of seven contemporary Canadian artists participating at the 13th Kaunas Biennial exhibition (12 November 2021 – 20 February 2022) in Kaunas, Lithuania. For the first time the Biennial will include the largest number of Canadian artists, including David Altmejd, Shary Boyle, Isuma, Kapwani Kiwanga, Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller, Jeremy Shaw and Althea Thauberger. The registration happens from here.
  • The pleasure of poetry meets a third. Tell me a story.

    21 March 2021

    This is the third poetry reading meeting of four, in four consecutive weeks. For 30-40 minutes, verses are read and told on YouTube. For more information, read here.
  • And Action! : Teaching English with Cinema

    20 March 2021

    We'll see how we can explore language through short films, feature films, documentaries or even self portrait videos! But mostly we'll see how we can help students develop language skills when they are assigned roles in the production and post production of a film. How can we develop writing as scriptwriters? How can we develop speaking as actors? How can we teach grammar "in disguise" when we make students the producers of a short film? For more information click here.
  • Portraits from the lobby: 25 years of Sofia Film Fest

    19 March 2021

  • Music Elevator: Dead Man's Hat & Dessy & The Visual Madmen

    18 March 2021

    photo Contemporary bohemians

    Desi Andonova positions herself with her band in front of the camera, and she is joined by the indie melodies of Dead Man's Hat . We watch them on March 18 from 19:00 on Facebook , YouTube and Urbo . You can support the musicians from here .

    Music Elevator is part of the strategy of the Concerti.bg association to support the artists from the Bulgarian music scene in the conditions of a pandemic.
  • Under the Veil of Consciousness

    17 March 2021

    Under the Veil of Consciousness is a solo exhibition-performance by Biliana Voutchkova, created as a site-specific presentation for ONE Gallery / Sofia. The exhibition includes partially composed, partially improvised music, performed live in symbiosis with various other means of expression - objects, video / audio installations and collages - used as "scores" for the overall composition. The main focus of the exhibition is the interactive connection between Biliana and the spectators, with her hands as a connecting link. It starts in March 17.
  • Kerana & kosmonavtite

    16 March 2021

    Kerana & kosmonavtite take up to 150 people to the bar Petak on March 16 at 7pm, where they play their music. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance from here.

    photo Georgi Kovachev
  • Love, love, love

    15 March 2021

  • TABA In-store Livestream

    14 March 2021

    For the first time in the TABA story, jungle vibes will creep through their columns. Here they are kindly assisted by one of the founders of HMSU - acidtrip. And despite the saying that nothing is promised in this world, they promise us a pleasant musical trip through the jungle of his jungle vinyls. We go down to the vinyl store on March 14 from 19:00.
  • DoLittle DJ Set

    13 March 2021

    DJ DoLittle stands behind the counter between 4pm and 10pm with a single goal (or maybe two) - to redden our ears with cool music and the next day we all have a muscle fever from dancing. This happens on March 13 in the bar Petak .
  • Serotonin

    12 March 2021

    After being published in France in 2019, Welbeck's novel almost immediately came to life in Bulgarian (thanks to Alexandra Veleva), and will soon take the stage for its dramatic version, staged by Chris Sharkov. His main character & ndash; Florent-Claude Labrust – is a modern middle-aged man whose failed personal life every morning makes him reach for a new kind of antidepressant. We are watching the play at Azaryan Theatre on March 12 at 7pm.
  • Sofia Film Fest 2021

    11 March 2021

    Sofia Film Fest turns a quarter of a century old and has been influencing our (sub) consciousness in a very real way for exactly that long. This year the festival is "jubilee, hybrid and in a pandemic", but on the other hand it is in two parts. They start on March 11 in the film February by Kamen Kalev, and the whole program is here .
  • Stroeja on 24!

    10 March 2021

    Streoja invites us to its solid 24th birthday. Well, it won't be noisy, spectacular and dizzy, but it will be a nice variety in the middle of the work week (March 10, Wednesday) to drink one (two, three and so on) shots for his health. The party starts at 18:00 and ends at 23:00 (according to all prescriptions of the health authorities) and again it is not bad to book your seats in advance on 0885 974 666 or on Facebook.

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