• Beyond the Horizon

    9 March 2021

  • Elitsa Baramova - Baramo

    8 March 2021

  • Mish-Mash Fest

    7 March 2021

  • Women's day

    6 March 2021

    The lives of women living through a convulsive era of historical and social change. It provides a unique insight into Russian feminism.We are watching at Dom na Kinoto on March 6 at 5pm.
  • He's the Devil!

    5 March 2021

    We are watching the play in Youth theatre on March 5 at 7pm.
  • Outhentic & Clavexperience

    4 March 2021

    Outhentic's ethno-jazz enters the online space before the experimental trio Clavexperience on March 4 at 19:00 in Facebook, YouTube and URBO.
  • Jazz in Synthesis

    3 March 2021

    Trombonist Vili Stoyanov and company re-enter the carafe of the bar Synthesis every Wednesday with a good dose of jazz. We listen to them on March 3 from 19:30, and due to the situation, advance booking is recommended on 0888607288.
  • Karakondzul

    2 March 2021

    Haytov's story of unrequited love, debt, and the struggle of a man with himself is becoming a confession, directed by Stoyan Radev and played as a one-man show by Valery Yordanov. Imprisoned in his mountain hut, he shares firsthand the story of Ramadan Dervishov - a man who loses love and burns with a desire to seek revenge, but manages to find a way to himself and to better understand the meaning of existence. We are watching in the National theatre on February 2 and 12 at 19:30.
  • Virtual trip: Morocco

    1 March 2021

    Darina and Daniel are two travelers who love to capture the diversity of the world, collect their experiences and share them. On March 1, they personally talk about their trip to Morocco here for free at 19:00.
  • The Nutcracker

    28 February 2021

    The message of the show is that everyone should be free to fantasize, to be free in their choice to turn their dreams into reality and to change the world around them as they dream of doing. The show is enchanting, it does not lack the favorite characters from Hoffman's fairy tale: the mice, the toys that come to life, and Prince Nutcracker himself. Ballet Arabesque turns on the stage of the Musical Theater on February 28 at 17:00, and the roles include Victoria Petrova, Vasil Dipchikov, Filip Milanov, Asen Nakov, Konstantina Handjieva and Angelina Gavrilova. They move to the music of Tchaikovsky with choreography by Boryana Sechanova. We enter for BGN 12 from epaygo.bg .
  • Again the best Bulgarian short film in Vlaykova

    27 February 2021

    On February 27 at 18:00 Vlaykova welcomes the short cinema, to which we are also invited.
  • Portraitno Trio Vol.3

    26 February 2021

    We are happy to invite you to the third concert with original music by jazz musician Vasil Spasov, created especially for the cultural space Portrait . In the third edition the soloist is Arnau Garrofe (saxophone). The trio has a permanent ensemble: Vasil Spasov (piano), Mihail Ivanov - Misho (double bass) and Atanas Popov (drums). We listen online on February 26 from 7:30 pm here .
  • A feeling of love

    25 February 2021

    The performance is a love explanation for Europe's music, dance, poetry and theater. Includes selected love poems from the greatest European writers, poets and thinkers, symbolic of their nation and age. We are watching at New Theatre on February 25 at 7:30pm.
  • Let Them Draw III

    24 February 2021

    One man is trying to fly a homemade mahogany. He draws the fields of birds, draws individual tools for flying with variable geometry. He runs on utopian sunny meadows, waving wings of slats and cloth. This is the Bulgarian artist Boris Denev. Denev's little-known hobby, drawings and flying projects are the inspiration of curators Veselina Sarieva and Pravdolyub Ivanov for the third exhibition Let Them Draw III at Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv. Passion, experiment, impulse, vulnerability, conjecture, expression, secret language and trace - these are the means of painting that the exhibition shows us. It includes Alek Finley, Galina Dimitrova, Hydrangea Mi Kafchin, Mariana Vasileva, Sevda Semer and Vlad Nanka. They are there until March 31.

    photo Boris Denev
  • Painting exhibition - Elitsa Baramó

    23 February 2021

    The gallery [a] cube contemporary collects in an exhibition two projects until March 8.
  • Madame Rubinstein

    22 February 2021

    In his play, John Misto combines dignity and comedy, revealing the conflict of a whole generation that has fallen into the gap between the traditions of the past and the hopes of the new generation. But here the weapon is polished nails, lipstick, creams, lotions, hair and face masks… Successful business ladies dedicated to their careers, full of life, beauty and competition to create a Global Business that today defines the appearance of every self-respecting woman. We are watching on February 23 at 7:30pm at Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theatre.
  • Bulgarian Czechs in Sofia - Virtual Tour

    21 February 2021

    Within 60 minutes from Bohemian Sofia we are told about some of the most remarkable personalities of Czech origin, who lay the foundations in the development of the young Bulgarian capital. We learn about the life and work of the first city architect Antonin Vaclav Kolar, the entrepreneurs Proshek brothers and their families, the historian and politician Konstantin Irecek, as well as the first director of the Drawing School Jan Markvichka. Login from here on February 21 at 7pm for 10BGN.
  • Hysterika & Be Duende Pop-Up Market

    20 February 2021

    The multidisciplinary platforms Hysterika and Be Duende join forces and invite you to their first event, dedicated to design, illustration, ceramics, fashion, jewelry, music, books, which will take place on the symbolic dates of February 20 and 21, 2021 in the space of KO-OP (17 Yanko Sakazov Str.).
  • H2O - The Dance of the Drops

    19 February 2021

    Tsvetan Stoyanov looks at the endless riches of water and its beauty in drops of different shapes. This is a new stage of a long-term author's idea, which he has realized in a series of solo exhibitions over the last ten years. " The drawings in this project are executed in a monochrome range, which is enlivened with geometric color accents. These bright spots contrast with the small and detailed shapes that form the dance of the drops. In this way, I make sense of the value of water and its cosmic significance " says the artist. The exhibition is in the gallery Depoo until March 5.
  • Untraditional Duet Vol.4

    18 February 2021

    Hristina Beleva (reed) and Dimitar Gorchakov (piano) are two fortune seekers. Their music is original in the field of jazz and it intertwines folklore motifs from folk songs and music of the moment. We listen to them online on February 18 from 19:30 here , and the recording will be uploaded to YouTube.

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