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19 February 2015
The things that make our life better.

Sofia Monsters

They are cartoons, they climb, they sleep in familiar places in the city. There are two people behind this projct and we just want to say "Bravo".

Bars with Chargers

No, we don't mean electrical plug. There are places where you will be offered small chargers to act as emergence bypass for yourphone. We beg the visitors not to steal them (after all, we have seen people leave with a bottle of olive oil!).

The New Boss

The National Palace of Culture has a new boss. Miroslav Borshosh succeeded in opening a theater, a 24/7 bookstore-cafe, all operational in March. Is it too early to cheer?

Cinemon and Orange

It is not for eating and should be applied at least twice a day. It has an energizing effect with its rich cinamon aroma and makes our skin soft due to iys secret ingredient - shea butter.

The Trailer

To Crimson Peak, the new movie by Gillermo del Torro. It is said to be even more magical and scary than Pan's Labyrinth. We have to wait till October to see for ourselves. 

Sergei Polunin

They call him infant terrible of ballet, but to us he is a deity with superfuman anatomy and so much drama in his movements, which guts us. See him in Hozier's video to Take me to Church.

The Ad

The ad by reforma agency which was created for the national campaign in support of fatherhood. If a good ad needs two things - mind and heart, this one has it both. And both are big.

Vitosha Mountain

Not through your window, but under your feet.

The Flowers

We have been passing flower shops for days now with the through "tomorrow we'll get some". Tomorrow started today - we got some. Now, all we have to do is pass a gardening course so we can make them blossom next year as well.

The Bike

While there is snow, brave people take their snowbike for a ride. Of course, there has to be a good slope - Tsarigradski blvd. won't do, but Pamporovo is near enough.

To Return H&M

It's awkward, we hate it, but when the dress which was a "wow" at the fitting rooms turns into a "ouch" at home, it is indeed priceless to be able to return it. So, we thank the Swedish brand and we promise to be more careful the next time.


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