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5 November 2015
Outside our border they call it half up bun or half top knot but around here we've heard all sorts of names for it - kuku and choko, to name a couple. Maybe because it looks like the little girls' hairstyles whose bangs always get in their eyes, or because it reminds us of beach days when we can't get out hair in order. It's achieved super easily - take the upper strands of your hair and secure them with an elastic band or bobby pins. If you want to look serious - wear it with a shirt, for a sexy look - combine it with a party outfit. Either way, it's a casual touch in a busy day. Where on the head you'll put it is totally up to you - it looks great both on top of your head and on the nape).

The backpack has had its peak moments before, so we're not going to insult it by calling it a comfortable bag for trainers, notebooks or mountain walks. This autumn it lands on our backs in a million different versions - from a small one for clubbing in which our perfume barely fits to a big one for the office where we can hide the ciabatta for dinner. The leather ones are the Jack of spades in the deck but there are also models with fringes which sway trendily this season. You can wear it on one shoulder but when you put it on two it's much more comfortable - it doesn't weigh that much and doesn't fall off constantly and moreover, it allows us to use our hands for something other than holding a bag.

They can be combat (with laces - you know soldiers are) or biker (with clasps - you know how bikers are). Whichever type you like, it's fine - ankle boots with solid soles and a hard character aren't going anywhere, yet. Quite the contrary - they're all over the shops and transparent grabs and fur are two new elements which are very in right now. You can wear them with anything from a delicate dress to ripped jeans, they perform well in cold and snow and don't require a ballerina's ability to balance on them. Of course, they're not for everybody - like with couples, you have to have similar characters if you want to look good together.


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