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18 February 2016
The things that make our lives better.

Jimmy the bull
We love dog instagrams, you'll have to excuse us - but just open @rafaelmantesso in the app, come on, this pitbull can make you cry.

Again, this day is oficially a small Friday - the cool parties give us a taste of the weekend.

The trailer
Of Equals with Kristen Steward and Nicholas Hoult - two ultra beautiful creatures that are trying to touch eachother.

The chess
Write @fbchess play in the chat window of Facebook and you can play with your friends. And maybe win - well, only if you're good at it, chess is a game for brainiacs.

The globe
For 240lv from Elephant Bookstore - it's as pretty as they make them. And a bonus: it lights up like a lamp!

The psychologist Arthur Aaron creates love in a lab - by making strangers ask one another 36 questions and makes them look eachother at the eyes for 4 minutes. Well, we hear the trick is still working.

Mother nature
In this two minutes video, the nature (with the voice of Julia Roberts) says it doesn't need us, but we do need it - badly.

The walk
Let's make it virtual, only for today - you can see the exhibition of Ai Weiwei at the website of Royal Academy of Arts.

The rennovation
Of One more bar - it only gets better and better, since it opened. Not one more, it's the one and only for us!

The daisies
Come on, in February?! Isn't that a bit too early - maybe the nature is telling us, like in the video above, you love me, you love me not...


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