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29 August 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The Horror
The shortest horror narratives are, of course, written by Stephen King, but we find them not only in the bookstores. Just enter his Instagram profile and read some under the pictures of his dog, a.k.a. Thing of Evil.

Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, prepares to attack the Stuffed Monkey of Joy and tear her limb from limb, leaving nuthin but the stuffin.

Публикация, споделена от Stephen King (@stephenking) на

The graffitti

While Nassimo is painting a giant graffitti on yoga fest in Germany, we saw this one in Troyan, where Damyan Bumbalov has painted several walls.

The loot
We would call it a treasure, but the archaeologists who discovered this record with 957 valuable objects in the Kaliakra fortress on August 17, say it is a Tatarski's loot.

The trailer
Of Real Detective's third season. Now we're waiting for January to come.

The Birds
We don't have a dirty lens, but a Hitchcock moment when we climb Bakarlaka over Rezovo to look at the folds of our southern coast below and wonder if the Thracians have done so near the dolmens of this peak.

The diary
Sea recordings or @seatapes in facebook where we read "excerpts from longer stories about sand and salt" by Anton Georgiev. What's even better? They are illustrated by Ivo Georgiev (@ivodoide), who has an anchor on our pages with his 8 moments.

The Lunch
We reach the Eagle nest (Orlovo gnezdo) in only 2 hours from Beklemeto, and we are waiting for a bean soup with a view of Botev and Golyam Kupen.

The cake
A biscuit base, covered by layer of raspberries with white chocolate, or, in other words, three-story magic. For 4.90BGN from Farmer's.

The Bookstore
If you haven't heard of it yet, it's on the main street in Pleven with the size of a magical closet with floor-to-ceiling books.

The Cases
There's no way you're not aware of the plastic sheath we're popping our planet into if we have a smartphone. Well, there are degradable cases like those of Pela, which are not cheap, but at least they will not outlive you.


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