The Story of Things: Maria Nalbantova

27 September 2018
When an illustrator is working with 3D books that transform into all kinds of shapes and forms, it's probably not strange to learn that she has an upcoming exhibition with objects. But let's start from the beginning: we know Maria Nalbantova from a long list of works for book illustration and design, including one of her own, and since last year there's a new thing in her biography that she mentiones casually - she's an art teacher. However today we're not meeting her to talk about school: her new exhibition at Vaska Emanuilova gallery is in a week, so we're interested to learn which objects are the most important for her. She takes them out of her home and we go on a walk, where she takes out random things from her backpack and tells us all about them.


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#1 30.09.2018 20:25 bolero

Re: История на вещите: Мария Налбантова


Изображението на Иисус от стенописа на Земенския манастир не е нищо необичайно - нарича се "синоптично изображение" - когато два последователни хронологично събития са нарисувани в една композиция. Среща се сравнително често.

Поздрави и успех на художничката!

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