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30 January 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Shift Souls by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen who mixes mythology and science in a gentle futuristic hybrid. Somehow it reminds you of Alexander McQueen? You you got it on the nose, they worked together and clearly came from the same galaxy (far, far away).

When you undress your kiwi, you remove not only the skin - with it you put in the bin fibers, vitamins C + E and folic acid. Well you can act like an Australian - eat it with the skin on after you wash it well.

The Sofia Bath has long been a museum in one half, but now citizens ask the Municipality is it not clever to fill the pool in the other part - the building is still on top of a hot spring, after all. If it sounds logical to you too, ask yourself on the site of the city,

The Book of Life website by Alain de Botton can be eaten with the covers because of the essays on relationships, work, and everything that rotates us. The last one is a tough test: 26 signs of emotional maturity, but Alain suggests excellent how-to to achieve it.

If you're already wondering which one is the color brun - it's brown, but only Scots know it. And James McAvoy, who explains in his accent to a misguided plane how to land while we crash with laughter with the new SNL piece.


Heerz Tooya in Veliko Tarnovo is a gallery tied to a knot from four directions. An artist from Norway opens it with a how by Tim Brignall, born in Peru, now with an address and inspiration in the Bulgarian village of Vodolei. Sounds good, wait for us too.

They open them officially on February 10 at the Sofia City Art Gallery, but we are currently browsing the new art database, which gathers the faces, works, places and themes of our contemporary art in one place - In two languages it's even more valuable.

Romain Gary is certain that his story of a friendship between a boy and an elderly woman should win him a second Goncourd award, but how, since it's only awarded once? Under a pseudonym, yes. There is no cheating, it is good - we read in a new edition here as well.

Criticism sharpens a big knife for Xavier Dolan's new film, which neither shocks nor stops us from watching the trailer and hungrily waiting for this "reverie to the family drama of the 90s," called The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. Let him live.

If you're trying to get rid of single-use plastic, you know how difficult it is. Well, at there is a forest of places where they take the personal containers with "yes please!".


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