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27 November 2019
The things that make our lives better.

In Kovachevitsa. The village appeared in the 15th century with 17 inhabitants, and today it has grown to 40. It's a reserve, so the old stone houses (sometimes with new wooden saunas) are preserved. And it takes two days to see the ruins in the forest, the breadth of the summit and the river below.

For Brits Rising Star for big names in music in 2020. They were right about Adele and Georgia Smith, so put your headphones on to hear the future: it sounds melancholic like Celeste, hoarse like Joy Crookes and indie like Beabadoobee.

Strange, of course - what else can yout debut novel be, when you're the man who made Anomalisa and wrote Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich. Charlie Kaufman launches Antkind in May 2020, so far we only know a little bit of the synopsis: it's about cinema.

They are called Chilly's and cause us strong desire to give up disposable bottles forever with their prints and colors. They keep cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, and lie in the palm of your hand for £25 from

Prices fall on Black Friday, November 29, and while for some it is too consumer-oriented, the truth is different - this is how the start of the Christmas shopping season is celebrated. It's nicer when you know that the idea is to please someone other than yourself.

A banging blonde lifts her boots and crawls on the floor in the new 70s disco bomb Narcissus, which seduces for the same movements with its pulsating neon, sweet electro and voice prompting "Be in love with me". Roisin Murphy, we've been in love for a long time.

Between humor and horror are the sepia humans and the killer doctors in the caricatures of Gahan Wilson. We remember them not only because the American went away a few days ago - it's just that this gloom is brilliant.

It started back in 2014 and got a ton of Emmy's and Golden Globes with its first season, but we are not ashamed to recommend it when the last one is over. The Affair (on HBO) is a story about sex, relationships and a murder that is told from two perspectives.

Live squirrels with fluffy jackets also bounce in the Knyazheska Garden, but on a cold autumn day we met these stone friends. What sculptor sculpted them, we could not find out, but what is important is that they are here to remind us that in the past this park was a zoo.

We saw it from WhATA, so we recommend it with our eyes closed before it's even been in our ears. Nina Krasteva and Boyan Tabov discuss exciting topics about buildings, electric vehicles and cities. Come to Spotify for an Architectural Coffee.


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