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17 April 2019
The things that make our lives better.

This mural appeared at the Women's Market signed by To4ka Spot. Graffiti there is many, but this one is special because it tells the stories of women who have been granted refugee protection here - read them on Meeting Point's Facebook page. They also do culinary tours.

© Nick Spirov

Or, more precisely, their boss - Madam Princess, which is a toast with minced meat and cheese, covered with an egg and served with lyutenitsa and marinated peppers. We brunched this last weekend at Salon (42 Maria Luisa Str.), where there was no bad plate on our table, thank you.

Frenchman Chaton has long been singing melancholically in our headphones, where his new album Brune platine now sounds.

Helikon's pocket books are able to fit inside of them a fierce collection of modern classics by Scott Fitzgerald, K. Jerome and Conan Doyle. Their price is also small and the cover designs are hugely awesome.

The first 7 years are sometimes even more important - that's the time it took to plant over half a million trees. Now they're donating young trees for you to plant them - take yours from the Farm Market behind the Nevsky cathedral on April 21st.

Did you know that instead of specific people, you can follow hashtags on Instagram? Start with the typographic #36daysoftype, which different international artists are currently loading up with magnificent variations of the A-Z and 0-9 characters.

Currently, in our town, there are too many harsh sceneries in order not to properly appreciate the prickly and blooming gardens everywhere. Just do not look at the tiles as you walk, and you will notice the flowers, too.

That we get to see from the new Big Little Lies season before the whole thing comes on HBO on June 9th. Will the giant secret be able to withstand that look of Meryl Streep, who reads under the skin as an X-ray machine?

If you want a picture of your wall, you can now have it full size. On designs are not only top but also super-varied - from a cold forest to a world map for children.

Why, during the week, do we always see our friends only in the evening? Because we hadn't thought about calling them over for breakfast. Yes, getting up for that is dangerously early, but it's so good to enter the office already loaded with positive energy instead of postponing this battery for dinnertime.


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