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1 August 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Let's hope Christopher Nolan isn't reading this: people have been boldly comparing his Interstellar with the new Ad Astra, in which Brad Pitt is looking for his lost dad in Space. People will be watching it at the end of August in the festival in Venice, we'll have to wait for a bit.

While people in Bulgaria have been apologetic about liking Elif Shafak, in England they've just given her a longlist nomination for the Booker. She's being investigated in Turkey for writing too boldly about violence and politics - it's up to us to boldly read as well.

If you're going to the seaside, jump to Poda - an ornithological center near Burgas with almost 300 species. You won't be waiting long, they're flying and walking all over you.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga starts at September 4 as truth-with-fiction about the band's story, started at 90s New York. They've been called the best rap band of all times enough, we're sure to be watching.

Editor of steel - that's what stops Modern Love, the New York Times column about relationships, from going into pink cliches and only publishing the ridicilously good stories of real life. So no surprise in the fact that they're making a mini-series inspired by those stories - in October.

If you're in Sofia and looking for a good selection of children's books in Bulgarian, wait until Ribka publishers open their new shop.

That's the name of a mountain trek near the Rhodopa village of Borino, where you'll get 10 km of broad views, steps in sharp rocks and amazing waterfalls. It's not hellishly hard, but it is steep - if you go with only your sneakers on, you'll be going down as if of on ski.

We could talk long about why white sugar is black to us, but let us be sweet - we've been digging this BG brand that makes rice icecream with probiotics and not a gram of the sweet snowflake - Frudada for 6.50lv, thanks a bunch.

Caroline Crampton sounds like a made up character by Agatha Christie, but is actually the real person behind Shedunnit: a great podcast about the Golden age of detective fiction. Each episode of 20 minutes is an alibi to go the library.

Until the local premier of Once upon a time in Hollywood there are 2 weeks, so we've got time enough to listen to 71 songs now released by Tarantino from his films.


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