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28 August 2019
The things that make our lives better.

We remember what it was like to wait for cartoons all week, but this rep distributes them more often - on Instagram we regularly go to @pet_foolery, who draws snakes with legs, kitten fluffs and dog dudes. They are often outrageously funny.

We'd go with Marquez even on a tour of Socialist 1957, so we jump to it on a Journey through Eastern Europe - a book that revives the GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the USSR with cheerful, sad, ironic, and philosophical words.

If you find it hard to say "Hey, do you know you owe me some money?", download Splitwise, a billing app for friends. It not only remembers, calculates and reprimands you, but reads all currencies and just makes life easier.

With Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in the new Bombshell. It comes in December, but the trailer has already exploded - to resemble the real people in the Fox News story, the actresses barely resemble themselves.

Weekend around Dospat accumulates points with impressive eco trails, sunsets and fresh trout for 8lv. But also with a bonus walk to three nearby waters - Batak, Small and Big Beglik. Enough to dive in with your eyes, and even with your breasts if you have to swim illegaly.

It's not sad, it's necessary that you need to be alone for at least one blissful moment during your family (or friendly) vacation. See how Denitsa Boyadzhieva sees it @denodada on instagram - that's also intimacy.

It's not quite up to Google's level, but it does have lungs ahead: runs on solar power and with every cent it earns from our clicks, it plants trees (over 65 million so far) where we need them most. Amazonia, do you hear that?

The Ordinary are out of order, if you ask other cosmetics brands, because they save on design and marketing. Here's how our skin gains with cheaper, flavorless and simple yet strong formulas that finally come here too - they have recently been in Douglas stores.

Gabriela Vergilov, born in Tutrakan and today with an address in Brussels, may have a boy's family name, but the truth is different - she is the first Bulgarian girl to spin a plate in the Boiler Room party series. And the techno is boiling hot.


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