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5 March 2015
The things that make our life better.

5 kilograms of pure velvet in a heavenly color. She is our newest team member (actually, she is our new boss because we keep running after her). Yantra is pure love! She has brothers and sisters which seeks a new home (or office). Anyone?

The Museum of Natural History
A walk in the nature is better, but it does not brings us back in history. For 4lv you will see insects, crystalls, bears and huge birds that are so preserved that are even scary.

They are not from the garden, but we could not wait any longer. And there is nothing sweeter.

Tom Ford
We would discuss his new collection, but right now we are more interested in somethin else - Tom Ford has finished his screenplay for his second movie. We are giddy in anticipation and while we wait we listen to the soundtrack to his first hit A Single Man.

The Sunglasses
The sun has risen and we roll down the blinds. This model is from Rush for 25lv - expensive enough to look after them and cheap enough not to get enraged every time we drop them.

We wish we could say "on our feet" but the truth is - at Zaimov Park. We watch, listen and be careful not be an obstacle on the track.

The Moment
The moment in which you say "I love my job!". We just hope that you get to say it as often as we do. (The picture is the Google office at Tel Aviv - our camper is 500 kilometers to the east).

The Interior
The brand new Kinocafe in Plovdiv at the old movie house theater Geo Milev. Gorgeous exlectics by Alexandrina Alexandrova and we will stop by the first weekend we can.

20 drops a day will boost your immune system like nothing else (not to mention it helps for 199 other stuff). Long live bees for at least another 145 million years!

The Large Bag
You can fit your whole life there. Seriously, you can jet off just with it after an hour's preparation. This one is a compliment to Zara.

The Lemonade
It is warm enough. Or at least, it makes us think that way. This one is homemade with mint leaves and sugar syrop - we get our fix from Farmer's, because it is delicious (paired with a white-chocolate chip cookie).


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