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19 March 2015
The things that make our lives better.

Alessandro Manfredini
During the tattoo hype these days, the internet started calming people down that their tattoos won't get wrinkled as they grow older. We saw many bodies supporting that statement, but after his 47-year-old model, we stopped paying attention to the rest.

The Invitation
We got an invitation to an event, that didn't end up in our trash bin but rather found its place on our window sill and needs regular attention and watering - one good idea, just in time for the Water Week.

Party Talks
On Friday night we attended a party where the people ate pickles, drank rakia and talked (no, we weren't at home, but at Fabrics 126). We share it because sometimes we like talking to people better than dance our feet off.

The Fix-up
The place is Hall 2 of the NAtional Palace of Culture which will become Azaryan Theater the next theatrical season. Rumour has it that its scene will be inferior only to the one at the National Theater. Hold on to your hats because we feel not the wind of change, but the hurricane of change blowing towards The NAtional Palace of Culture.

The Benches
Do you realize that Sofia has more parks and green spots than most world capitals? Use them to your advantage - even if it's in a lazy, sit-down position.

Car Cinema
Start the car - next month the car cinema will stop at 24 cities around the country! We are waiting for it in Sofia on 20 April but the location is still a mystery. We are not worried though - after all we will be in our own comfortable seats.

The whole world already knows that Robbie Williams won't pass our country and will be on the beach at Burgas on 7 August, but we would like to add something  - at the tickets are one click away (150lv for both days of Spirit of Burgas).

21 March
Sooner or later, spring will come.

The Loft
We visited and we aren't sure that it made our life beter. Well, no lethal harm done - just seeing this home, made by an architect and an interior designer, we realized what we wanted to become when we were little.

Specifically, the one of Hannes Coudenys, who photographs ugly Belgian houses and posts them with blunt but funny 5-word captions (the one to this photo was "So ugly, the neighbours left").

Ivanka Kurvoazie
There is no other person like that! Seriously, no other. #whoisivankakurvoazie


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