3000 Meters Above the Ground

13 August 2015 text Irina Dimova, photos Ivana Stoichkova
200km/h on the highway is madness. But 200km/h during a free fall and the wind blows in your face, is defies description. Or so says Ivana, who jumped with a parachute last weekend - we tag along to the edge of the plane with her on the field in the village of Erden.

"I'm scared because I might get scared", shares Ivana a few days earlier when she decides to cash her birthday present - a jump from 3000 meters in the sky above the village of Erden. At the airport in the field the notion of time gets blurry - she has an entire hour before the jump, after she has been instructed and signed the "if something happens, it's my fault" form.

But the talks about flying and feeling the freedom of a bird quickly chase away all thoughts of fear and doubt. It is time for Ivana to fly.

All suit up and instructed how to maintain her body during the jump with the instructor georgi, she is already on the plane in the air.

When you jump with an instructor is easy - he is thepilot and you're just enjoying the ride (or fall). While hanging from the plane door, Ivana is already a small point in the skyline. "The first seconds are total chaos - you don't know which way is up and down". After that the person on her back takes control and the 30 seconds free fall, which she calls a spiritual orgasm, start to tick.

"Everyone should jump, at least once a month!" is the first thought that crosses her mind at the jump. Because the feeling of total freedom and leaving your comfort zone quite literally gives you wings. There's nothing left but to shout with all your might and let the joy overwhelm you.


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