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10 September 2015
The things that make our life better.

17 September
Because it's the holiday of our city, Sofia.

The Rings
They are not new, but we saw them just now on the work table of Neva Balnikova (you can say they are hers by the mere geometry).

Vending Machine
Not for chips, but for poetry. These days the crew behind Klaxons Press will install it in DaDa Cultural Bar.

The Porn
Well, not on 18+ channels - we talk about the novel by Urving Welsh, which will be turned into a sequal to Trainspotting by Danny Boyle.

The Heart
Yes, it is a wet patch on the sidewalk, but nontheless, we pull out the phone and capture it.

The Yard
Of our country house. Ours is high in Stara Planina Mountain and on the table we find grilled peppers stuffed with cheese - the sweetest aroma of the season.

Our Parents
We hope that you squeezed at least 2 days to see your parents between the seaside vacation and the European trip. Why? Because it'll keep them warm all winter.

The Cause
H&M's video plea to recycle our clothes is so inspiritational that you can play it every morning before leaving the house as a mantra. Find it on Youtube as H&M Close the Loop and free yourselves from all old clothes.

The Freedom
Not per se, but China has just released its first feature movie with gay themes that successfully passed through the census without any alternations (it is called Seek McCartney and is a coproduction with France).

Friends of the Refugees
We applaud the creation and work of this group on facebook which gives a much deserved reply to all the people against the Syrian people.


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