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17 September 2015
The things that make our life better.

The North
Of our seaside. Beaches, water, flora - the nature here is gorgeous!

Polaroid Snap
The mini from Polaroid and only for the mere 99 dollars!

The Journey
To randomly selected place at

Lily-Rose Depp
While her father is the star of Dior's parfume, the little one (well, 16-year-old actually) is the face of the new Chanel eyeglasses line.

The Plums
We love them as fruit just the same, but tasting them in a gelato is gourmet. @ La Bottega

The Attraction
The Law of attraction is not what you might think - it is actually the power of positive thinking: if we think good thoughts, good things are most likely to happen to us. So, stop arguing whether it works, try it and we talk again in three months.

Wiki Loves the Earth
And now Bulgaria, too - this year we participate in Wikipedia's competition, which collects photos of regular people, who have captured the beauty of their homelands.

The Golden Girls
Well, silver, actually - our gymnastics won the silver at the Nationals in Shtuttgart!

To forget your iPhone 6 at the beach. To come back 2 hours later to look for it. The people that were next to you on the beach hand it over with a smile... Goodness is still alive!

The Flight
To a good destination 12 hours from here, at 6am, with a good friend onboard, because of whom you get up in 5am - just to say goodbye to him at the terminal. This is a million-dollar morning.

The Trend
"I don't watch my phone is the new I don't watch TV." This is the status of Ivan Hristov (or Fontan2 on Facebook), who started a discussion around TV, but we will get back to the phone - let the screen rest while you're with somebody, because toherwise you might end up with nobody.


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