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24 September 2015
The things that make our life better.

Black Mass
It debuted at the Venice Film Festival, we are waiting for it in November.

And the feeling of new chance, new luck, new life, basically - a new start!

The 20-year-old American debited her first album in August and we still can't seem to get enough of it.

© Vanity Fair

Jon Hamm

Finally, he got that coveted Emmy at the awards this year!

The Achievement
Yantra got to the top of Maliovitsa summit. Now, find the dog in the picture.


The Change
Of the wardrobe. At first, it is a little horror, but then the soft jumpers become our second skin.

The Air
Of the last nights spent under an open window.

The Moon
After the Blue one comes the Red one - on the night of 28 September the Moon will be closest to the Earth. It will be huge, redish and will be totally eclipsed.

The Map
At we can find the exact filming locations of many movies.

From years there are discussions whether this button should exist or not, but this year we know that it is being made. It won't exactly a thumb down, more like "I don't agree". Well, Mark, "we are not sure".

Because they became the creative aganecy of the year once again!


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