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4 December 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Everyone knows that the best mug at the mountain isn't made of crystal, and @kanchebg make it even more valuable by putting images of local huts on them - for 25 leva.

After stying in Moscow and Zurich and working at Basel, Lyubov Jeglova is now looking at buildings and objects in Sofia and makes them into souvenirs - get yours at

In our cream ot potatoes, we put some beetroot for the taste and the color - here's the true meaning of "eating the rainbow". Magenta  – ✓ .

Many musicians inspired to have an autobiography get a ghost writer promptly after discovering how hard it is to be a writer. Not Elton John - his book Me is so funny and well done, say the critics, that it doesn't look like a debut.

The sharp rhymes of this British guy over an acoustic guitar in the streets of Brighton are so melodic that we absorb his tales of depression, crime and evil politics. Money Game for Brexit and Company is the latest we got into.

For book covers by Teo Georgiev, which we saw in his website. He calls them exercises, but next to them many published books start looking like mere sketches. Hopefully publishers are also looking there.

The YouTube series, instead of talking about the plot holes in recent movies, a smiling guy wonders if the producer might have seen them at the first date. He goes into both roles - the person with the idea and the one with the money.

This Wild Animals calendar-donation is 13 leva and is in support of people who care for magpies, turtles and badgers all year round. Look them up on facebook if you would look at lovely savages, the other population in the country.

It is clear that the aroma of cookies is a quick arrow in the heart, but we will not say that if yours are embossed, you'll get more love for the holidays. However, these rolling pins put another gram of "I cook for you with thought and attention" - in the spirit of the holidays, yes?

We are raising a white flag in front of - we're submitting to the curiosity, with which they have for years now written about symbols, colors and history. Do you know where to look for the sun and moon in the flag of Mongolia?


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