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21 May 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Bar
Of Wes Anderson in Milan. He just opened it (at the art complex Fondazione Prada), it is named Bar Luce and it looks like a fragment of his movies.

The Book
The new one by Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho. After we ran with Lora From Morning till Evening, now we will eat this Shrimp with the covers. It is a city story with elements of magic, where a girl named Diva Mila practices clairvoyancy.

The Charm
Some find 4-leaf clovers at the park, but we found this piece of glass on the sidewalk. It doesn't matter that it comes from a broken jar and why should it not mean anything? We keep it, mind your own business!

The Jam
From green figs. We savor each spoonful while we wait for the figs to ripe. Although, as you know, the jam is made from the fig's blossoms, not its fruit.

The Skin
The second store for organic cosmetics Shipka opened doors on 159 Rakovsky Str. The biggest organ of our body is overjoyed that this brand has such a successful run - of course, the joy is selfish, because it cares for us.

The Training
Of the brain cells with the application Peak. It loads new games every day, which make our grey matter excite and reach its full capacity. It's free and it works both with the apples, and the pears.

The Letters
Without which this site would be empty and we wouldn't have been able to tell each other anything. Long live 24 May!

Right now. The art biennale has begun, so the lazy motion of the gondolas on the water and the Aperol shpritz can be combined with something stronger and better for the soul. It continues to November, but then you can't pack 2 T-shirts and a strech and hop on the next flight, right?

The Lines
Six different ways to travel than taxi in the early hours after the party - let's enhance the attack of #SaveSofia for public transport during the night. Even in Skopie the buses don't stop, are we the most lazy nation on the continent?

The Nicknames
We have a few and they rock. To be a Maria or Petar at the airport is okay, but when your friends use that special name they have for you, it makes you feel like one of the few special specs in the Universe.

Jose Gonzales
He will come to us with his guitar and out-of-space voice on 9 November. Till then, we play on repeat Heartbeats and Stay Alive.


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