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2 July 2015
The things that make our life better.

The skin
Christian Louboutin launched a new line of shoes in the nude colors that is not consistent only with the Caucasian race. It was high time someone figured out that there aremany shades of nude.

Or the new breed of people - Young Urban Creatives. They are a mixture of yuppies (because they are successful) and hipsters (because they are creative).

The Couple
Piter Dinklage and his wife Erika Schmidt. They have been together for the past 10 years and have a daughter of 4.

The Exercises
Out in the open at the park.

The Reader
The Happy Reader is released 4 times a year for the reader lovers who like the paper and the depth and the subscription is free (they will tax you only for the shipping).

The Conversations
That start with a drink after work and end 4-5 hours after that over dessert. The more the better.

"I freakin' love Bulgaria" screams a New Zealander in the internet. Brandon has been in Sofia and Plovdiv, has eaten burgers and banitsas, has roamed the streets at night and tells everybody to come here.

The Ice Cream
But not just any any scream, but gelato. The new place at 12A Shishman - thyey have melon, cherry and strawberry sorbets and milky bombs of chocolate, walnut and vanilla with lavender. The taste is strong but we can never get enough.

The Fresh
From watermelon. Divine.

The Card Holder

The Fairy Tale
Of the little bunny in the big world on tumbl. He has very human experiences that are sometimes childish and sometime very wise and mature.


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