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15 July 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Cats
Of New York. Just visit and you'll see why we like it so much.

The New Chips
Not ashamed at all to declare that we are totally addicted to these little funnels of corn chips.

Finally, after nearly a decade, New Horizons managed to snap a close picture of Pluto.

Yes, during the summer. Yes, from head to toe.

Maggie Maleeva
Because she won Wimbledon championships.

The Book
By Georgi Gospodinov and his daughter Raya, named Marriages of Animals and Stuff. We will have to wait for the autumn but the teaser is quite irrestitable.

The Lectures
Of Esther Perel for TED. A rare combo of humor and insight on relationships, infedelity and every man's drama.

The Doughnut
Well, not made of dough. This new species of peach is still exotic to us and therefore quite appelaling.

The Nails
Clean and manicured. Both men and women. It is not that hard and it doesn't even hurt.

The Foreigners
It's nice when you hear all kinds of languages and see faces from several continents. They say Sofia has become "the little Berlin" with its art program - who knows, maybe the rumors are true.

Lana del Rey's new single is already here. The queen of vintage melancholy stays on her throne. We expect the new album in September.


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