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30 July 2015
The things that make our life better.

The river
We're talking about Maritza river - on August 2nd we go on the beach with three pools, made especially for One Architecture Week. In the autumn there will be music and art, but for now, we pack only our bathing suits.

The old friends
Having a gin-tonic with someone you've loved the past 20 years? It's so good, that we had to switch to jagermeister - in the heat this might not be the best drink of choice, but with friends like those, we don't being hangover.

The reading place
It's now open - infront of the National Theather. It works from 10:00 to 20:00.

The freedom
Russia banned Youtube, Spain banned public opposition to the government... We can keep going, but our main point is this - freedom is like the air. Inhale while it's still here, then we're headed to Earth 2.

The biography
Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations with Lana Del Rey. It's obvious who it's written about, but the author is also impressive - James Franko. We wait for it next April.

The melon
In our story, the pumpkin ends up transforming to a melon - cold, juicy and sweet. And a nice bonus - it's actually very good for you, because of his germanium among other things.

The revenant
The trailer looks just brutal - we're expecting the movie.

The butterfly
In the stomach. There isn't another bug that we would invite gladly in our home. We wish this one to everyone - it's summer, open your windows and allow it to enter.

The island
Ibisa, please. Friends of ours are there and we're wishing for it - with it's beaches, palm trees, people and parties, #rightnow!

The muzeum for children opens in the autumn - we bet you would wish to experience it as a kid as well.

The song
Queen of Peace & Long and Lost by Florence + The Machine. Such emotion that we have to keep pressing replay. We need some drama in this season as well, yes?


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