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6 August 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Party
Village style. It has to be organized by people who know what they are doing, to have good food, cool guests and basically being very hip, but we wouldn't say no to a lovely village house as well. The only crucial thing is there to be ice. And crickets.

Emma Stone
Because she is both a fantastic actress and a beautiful person. We wait her new role in Woodey Allen's movie Irrational Man.

The Crickets
Especially at night while going to bed.

Zoolender 2
Ok, don't read this if you don't like the first installment. It is due in 2016, but it started to tease us with short trailers full of uncompromising jokes.

The Saturday
Hands down, the best day of the week. It starts slow, packs long coffees, lunches and dinners and then we fall asleep with the thought that the weekend has just begun.

The Song
The new one of Alicia Keys - 28 Thousand Days.

The Autumn
We don't want the summer to end, but we heard of so many new projects that are about to go down in the fall that we are eager for it to come.

Not on the page, but on the sneakers. Van's to be precise. Of course, they are the works of the artist Takashi Murakami, not the writer Haruki.

The Application
Shryne, a new one by Apple. It works as an archivator - it archives all of your messages in different social media in folders.

The Ice
These days all of our drinks, be it wine or coffee, are on the rocks. Actually, we don't have a problem with the heat, we only have a problem with turning the tea into whiskey.

The Memory
Of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosdale as the coolest couple (+ three kids) we've ever seen (even envied in our less stellar moments). If people like these two split the world truly needs therapy.


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