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20 August 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Sun
Caught for a moment between the two sidewalks of Tsar Simeon str. just before it is about to set.

The Figs
The stories that a wasp enters in a fig and dies inside don't scare us - we still love them and eat them like candy.

The Empathy
Life teaches it best, but the essays by Leslie Jameson (who already is compared to the guru-essaist Joan Didion) are a top helper. The Empathy Exams subjects the human inside of us and our ability to empathize with someone else's pain to a test - we read and grow.

The Night Shifts
Of the brain. While we sleep, it goes into turbomode and starts working its way down a very long to-do list - it makes decisions, packages and orders our long-term memory, unloads the garbage of neurotoxins. At the same time we dream all kinds of stupid things - how dare we?!

The TV Series
The musical Vinyl is created by Terrance Winter, who is benind The Sopranos and Broadwalk Empire and is produced by Mick Jagger and Scorsese. The themes are sex, drugs and rock'n'roll in the time of their peak - the 70s. It comes in 2016, so be patient.

The Burger
Veal Angus from Farmer's (for 6.49lv) - it is a regular choice for our lunch. There is only tomato, onion, lettuce, ketchup and mayoneise and a piece of fantastic veal meat - simple, yet genius!

The Grass
Around the tram rails on Ruski pametnik square. The initiave fights for more green paths in our city, but we stunned to actually see the first ones. They are good both for the aesthethic and the air.

The Landscapes
On Earth View. The camera has captured one of the most divine places around the world from the right distance to make us cry at the beauty of it. Go browse through the shots at and save a few for your screensaver.

Jake Gyllenhaal
September will be his with two movies that promise spectacular sights and adrenaline and a heart- (and jaw!) breaking drama. Go see Everest and Southpaw.

The Dolphins
Because they are smart, beautiful, kind and loyal friends - just what we hope to be one day.

The Conversations
In which two or more women share love stories - science says that exactly that kind produces such levels of dopamin and oxitocin that only orgasms can beat them. Simple biology.


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