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1 October 2015
The things that make our life better.

The Status
@Tanya Trendafilova: "Isn't this discovery about water on Mars some sort of a megalomaniac ad for The Martian? I'm joking only half way..."

Kolio Karamfilov
His original paintings are a treasure, but his prints in A5, hanging at the literary club Peroto, are also a finding. Everyone can take one (and draw something in return).

The Trend
The military style rules them all - we chose dark soldier blue, pagons, knee-high boots...

The Walk
In the park of the Military Academy. Right now, this is the most beautiful park in Sofia - the alleys are deserted, silent and covered with a blanket of leaves and chestnuts.

The Angels
Of Tochitsa publishing house. The new book of Yasen Grigorov is called Guardian Angels and will be in the bookstores from 2 October.

The Good
We continue our positive series with the guy who saved @Valentina Ivanova 28lv. The note says: "Hello, at 16:23 I sent a sms for your car, because they were going to toe it. You own me 2lv."

The Grape
Last call before it turns to wine. Although, what's the rush really - whether in hand, or in the glass, it's still ambrosia.

The Campaign
"Thanks for not voting" say the faces of Boyko Borisov, Volen Siderov, Delyan Peevski and others in facebook and on The moment when we have to do the exact opposite comes.

The Snowshoes
By Small Foot - they have been on our radar for a long time, but now they have developed a pocket version that gains courage and means to materialize at Kickstarter.

The Cover
Of the Bulgarian issue of Esquire.

The best are the ones which wakes you up with their delicious smell, but our nose tells that the new place on Grafa str. called Mekitsi and Coffee will be the next best thing. They have over 10 varieties with all kinds of filling - on Grafa str, between Rakovska and 6th September streets.


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