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5 May 2016
The thingsthat make our life better.

The Instagram
Actually it is a table with no end with recipes from all over the globe (also without an end). The address is @reynoldskitchens.

The Expo
Of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that will be open from 5 May till the mid-August and shows how fashion thrives in the age of technology.Photo © Nicholas Alan Cope

The Apartment
Of Naomi Watts and Liv Shreiber. We spotted it at Architectural Digest and what can we say - nice people, nice lamps (from Ralph Lauren Home, by the way).

The new song of the band, called Pictionary is stuck with us.

The Peonies
Once they start opening, that means we are on the bridge between spring and summer.

On 9 May the little guy with the most retrograde fame will pass over the Sun - it will be seen as a small black dot on its surface from the States and in NASA's live feed of the event.

The Family Lunch
At which you finally manage to be a great kid to your parents, instead of bickering for whatever comes to mind. Did it happen on Easter? No? Then you have another chance on St George's Day.

The Two Tires
This custom-made Yamaha MT-07, made from alluminium for Taipe's landscape, is called Onyx Blade.

The Song
That turns you from steel to water. Ours is called Routine and it caught us off guard at the Steven Wilson concert.

50 Nerds of Grey
A quite hilarious twitter which finds innocent meaning behind the terms BDSM, the wood between the legs, chains and punishment. We have zero tolerance for the original shades of Mr Grey, but here the grey is real and it comes out of the head with laughter.


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