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19 May 2016
The things that make our life better.

The House
Collage House by S+PS Architects in Mumbai.

The Sushi
There is a new trailer parked right next to Street Chefs on Angel Kanchev str, which invites you for a bite of fast sushi. The master chef is Zhoro Petrov, who will also feed you with sour-hot soup with mushrooms and shrimps. Be quick though, he will be there only till 1 june.

The Album
It will be released on 19 May and it is called Suck on This - we didn't expect any less from Die Antwood.

The Gesture
When you receive a gift without an occasion and you like it so much that you think: "hey, you know me better that I know myself".

The Book
That teaches us not to fear our fears and how to overcome them. Bottom line: Keep calm and love yourself.

The Channel
Of VanesaVidenova on Youtube.

The new collection of jewels by Armaveni Stoyanova will be at Sabai Gallery from 19 May.

The Pancakes
Although homemade ones are also good, those at Niko'las are one of the best we have ever tried.

The Music
After Hans Zimmer blasted us from the inside, we caught a taxi and the driver was listening to Ennio Moricone. Our life is music, even when we hear just the noise of the aspirator, while smoking the last cigarette for the day.

The Shelter
Someone has built an eco tent in Borisova Garden for a quick salvation from the rain - if it catches you while you are talking a walking, the shelter is close to the entrance of the garden and the spot that looks like an empty lake, overgrown with ivy.


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