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1 November 2017
The things that make our lives better.

We just saw how Belgrade is handling the repairs of its Vitosha Blvd and it stung us. The road repairs in Sofia are devastating. And they go on and on devastatingly long. Today we've learnt that Save Sofia's pressure against the Municipality had had some effect and we grab the news like a life-saving straw.

The bot
Of Louis Theroux -  the guru of documentary story-telling with marginalized people and inconvenient truths. We doubt he finds them via allgorithm but @louistherouxbot on Twitter generates fake scanarios that we have been laughing with all day.

The posters
In The Art of Mondo book that features 352 of the great alternative movie "covers" by the art collective behind the American Mondo Gallery. We're waiting for it to come back to Amazon in December (£29.25) and we are already clearing space for Dirty Harry and Robocop on the wall.

Our language
We admit our guilt to How was it in Bulgarian? - a Facebook page that reminds us that the foreign words and phrases are taking over our language. Well, avtoportret" doesn't get all the shades of a "selfie", bu we agree that our language deserves more... how was it... not respect, but "uvajenie".

The mosaic
Did you know that in Roman times (4-6 century) in Plovdiv there was a Bishop Basilica with 2000 square kilometres with wonderful mosaic on the floor? Yes, there was, and now a team of renovators is working on the remains and will show us the preserved stone birds in 2019.

The inspiration
Watching Jamie Oliver make a Cesar Salad with a twist without spilling a drop of oil on his white shirt in under 15 minutes and dreaming of a kitchen on an island to do what he does. Why does it have to be a dream, though - it could be a plan!

The duet
Between the father Sholom and little Zoe who are driving us crazy with their photo stories on Instagram. Rewind their first year together on @sbsolly to see how followers are earned with baby-gnom, baby-flower and baby-sushi. Delicious.


Публикация, споделена от Sholom Ber Solomon (@sbsolly) на

The path
Vultures are not our favourite birds but we are now fascinated by the first ever recorded travel of a Bulgarian white-headed from the Rhodope Mountains to Africa. Thanks a lot, technology, for revealing to us the animals' devine mechanism.

Photo: Bogdan Boev

The galaxy
We can spend hous (and hours) in the out-of-space Instagram accounrt of Dimitar Karanikolov, but today we sneek a peek at his Behance profile and what do we see - Star Wars graphics at the National Palace of Culture, strormed by stormptroopers. Architecture-pop culture is our favourite galaxy.

Photo: Dimitar Karanikolov

The Reality
Iñárritu's virtual installation Carne y Arena that turns us all into illegal immigrants for a few minutes just received a special Oscar. Way to go!


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