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5 February 2015
The things that make our life better.


We usually nib on peanuts, but when we need fuel we opt for the Brasilian and American version of the walnut, cedar nuts and sugar ginger. Swing by the nuts shop at 25 Shishman Str.

Vicky Knysh

We promised not to say a word about 14 February. Thank God for Vicky Knysh to say it for us. We buy her art from (it is a little more expensive to love, but it is beautiful).

50 Shades of Ellen

50 Shades of Grey gets ready to make its rousing success in cinemas next week, but we have already seen the best of it - Ellen's parody on Youtube.


Mark Zuckerberg promised to read a book every two weeks. Perhaps if he spent less time on facebook, he can get through them faster but we support the idea with a like and a share.

Maddie Zigler

Would we like Sia so much if it wasn't for Maddie? The miniature outer self of the singer is only 12, but she dances like Marta Graham. Or like somebody from So You Think You Can Dance.

Rihanna, Kanye & Paul McCartney
They star together in a new song - emotional and educational for the young fans of Rihanna who know more about Mrs Kanye than Paul McCartney.

The Sole

Since haute couture allowed sneakers on the catwalk, sport brands have been busy. Adidas went over and beyond with this "autumn leaf" pattern and a super-sole by the material EVA.

Sand Mandala

To achieve inner harmony we paint the Buddhist cosmogramme with colour sand. Our first attempt - this Saturday, Mandala Yoga at 58 Maria Luisa blvd.

Yellow headphones

Yellow is the new white! Ok, we made it up but it doesn't hurt if our headphones have a pop of colour. Nokia Lumia at ebay.

Bio zone

A new Zoya has opened right across from Sun and Moon bakery at Malkite Pet Kiosheta Sqr. We will avoid this newly-formed bio area when we have unpure thoughts about burgers and fries.


The hour when the hot water hits us and opens the brain for the new day ahead. Hygiene just got that more crucial!


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