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12 February 2015
The things that make our life better.


Especially when they are on Pharrell Williams's feet during the 2015 Grammy Awards.

The Gifts

If they are symbolic, at least let them look good. The pebbles from and a corcscrew from - they have something for everyone.


The cool new gagdet by Moleskine that turns drawings into digital art reminds us of two things - that we have to save more money and that an ordinary notebook can be a unique canvass.

The Future Cumberbatches

Benedict and his fiancee Sophie Hunter at the BAFTAs. We wouldn't like them less if they were to show up in sweatpants.

How Big How Blue How Beautiful
Teaser by Florence + The Machine. New album? Maybe even a tour? We listen, watch and wonder while we wait for another hint.


A new book by Zadie Smith, available on the bulgarian market by Zhanet 45 Publishing house. According to The New York Times the book is "radical, fiery and true" - we read it snuggling in a warm blanket.

50 000 People of Sofia
A decent number for a fanbase but Sofia numbers around 2 milion people. Come on, people, get a facebook.

Phonecalls that end with "I love you"

But not with lovers - we talk about the ones with friends and family. Of course, there are also harsh dialogues with different outcome, but we agree mutually to forget them.

The Sale

Yep, at IKEA. We are itching to piece together something. That's all.

The Five Tibetans

They have been practised for more than 2500 years and we suspect. with good reason. They will take only 10 minutes but will give you fuel for the rest of the day.


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