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26 March 2015
The things that make our lives better.

Adriana Nacheva
She is one of the 10 women architects of 2014 and we just watched her in a CNN ad about the wonders of contemporary architecture at Dubai. Wallpaper Magazine keeps close tabs on her, while we follow all latest development at (and at Instagram).

The Face
Rihanna became the first woman of color to be the face of Dior ad campaign. Why it matters? Because only a white person can really pose such a question.

30 Minutes
From one end of the city to the other. From April we will fly with the subway to the airport and in May - we will reach the Business Park in a woosh. We will remain silent about the design of the new stations because they are not within this column.

The Game
Draw Something Free - an app, with the help of which you draw whatever you want with your fingers on the screen and the other player has to guess what it is. It is addictive and fun (especially if you are bad at drawing).

The Sneakers
We saw the new spring collections and we can say one - the design kills... your feet. Thank God, sneakers have not run away. But we can't decide: high white ones or urban camouflage (these are by Valentino, so the price is a killer).

Animated Messages
In Viber. Stupid and infantile? Only super serious people, who have never heard the murmur of a friend in the body of a rabbit, would call it stupid instead of touching and funny. Let's be stupid.

Open Windows
Wide, wider, widest. Because the air in the room (and the car) is never enough and it is already warm and lifting. Yes, it can also bring noise, but some of us like it.

The Heart
We've been listening to the heart beat of Shia LaBeouf for a whole week now - in real time at

The Wonder
Koleto (8-year-old): "Nelsy, why did people invent the 7 Wonders of the World? Isn't the person the greatest wonder?" We don't know how Nelsy answered, but we thank her for letting us share the question. A child is teaching us how to fly.

The Desert
We call it scrumptious, but it is a long story why. Let's just call it phenomenal. It contains only plain biscuits, mascarpone and Nutella, but it needs nothing else. You can find it at Supa Star.
A new way to wage a war against crime on the road - you download the app, take a photo of the crime and the number of the perpetrator reaches KAT and all other within the group. There is an option to demand a public excuse which is used quite often. Good job!


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