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12 September 2018
The things that make our lives better.

The Detox
You can go to and to choose where you can give away clothes you don't need.

The Map
If you are crazy about astrology you can go to and find out what your babyroom needs.

The single
Tom York (from Radiohead) opens us the soundtrack to the new horror movie Suspiria with the song Suspirium.

The Logo
The national television of Bulgaria removed it's previous logo and put a new one. We are placing it at the bottom and remind that aesthetics is not a matter of taste, but of education.

The Record
Eminem caught us unprepared with his new album, whick becomes his ninth at the top of music charts. Which means he breaks the record of Abba and Led Zeppelin.

The Space
The newest song of Strugare.

The Emmy

The Icecream
Really delicious gellato at Savini.

The Soda
We know a person, who doesn't like it, until he found out he can combine it with whiskey or vodka really succesfully.


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