Bauhaus forever

21 March 2019
The whole world needs to change. This is the idea on which the foundations of the Bauhaus Design School were opened in the German town of Weimar in 1919. It was open for students for only 14 years before being banned by the Nazi regime but it still gives important lessons even now - it actually constructed today's idea for design, art and craft in one. In Bauhaus, they discard the excess ornaments and in their place put in pure geometry: minimalism not because it is modern but because it is functional and beautiful. This thread of attention and aesthetics is so strong that it actually changes everything everywhere - that's why the whole world celebrates the 100th anniversary of the school's opening with exhibitions, lectures and books. And here we listen to this story in the Goethe-Institut program in Sofia. In preparation for these events, we bring out some objects you can bring Bauhaus home with.


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