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29 May 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Essential oil
It's not a myth that walks in the woods are healing, it's science. The main touch in its aroma is phytoncides - substances that keep trees and plants from germs. We walk more and breathe.

The synagogue
This is one is the second largest in Bulgaria, a real beauty from Vidin.

photo Hristo Sahatchiev

The expectation
Half of 2019 had passed and this is a terrible thought, but there is at least one reason to wait for 2020, the new movie of Christopher Nolan - Tenet.

Тhe audio series
Dmitry Glukhovski is obsessed of the dark visions of the future in his books Metro 2033, and now we can listen to his new anti-utopia - a novel series available on Storytel.

The decision
Disney turns 500,000 solar panels to the sky to feed two of its parks in Florida; in the form of Mickey Mouse, they still have to be sweet. The theme for nature, however, is bitter, we also urgently look for the image of Mini Mouse.

The history
The history of lime is long - here, a lot of people got married and important desicions are made.

The discovery
Have you ever been to a neo-classical building and discover a stunningly colorful landscape? Well, that's the inside of the Russian Cente.

The festival
We haven't been on the Meadows in the Mountains, but we've heard, that in Rhodopes you can be whatever you want. If we got you, it starts on June 6.

The book
The book of Mаria Stepanova mixes the reality in a story about the memory, which we use, but often times it misleads us or it goes to a collective amnesia.


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