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26 June 2019
The things that make our lives better.

The Restavration
The hotel is now more than majestic after the restavration. We are reading how and why on  

The Instagram
Zymbyul is one of those cats, who, on the question "coffee or tea" they answer with "okay". The instagram cat_advisor is full of cat's faces to die for.

The Album
The new album of Cassius is here right after the loss of Philippe Zadar, we remain silent while listening.

The Reading
Longreads not to articles or news, but the need for long texts which we meet up close with details.

The Writing
This pencil with retro spirit is light and beautiful and you can find it in N8 store for 6BGN.

The Song
Aftre 30 years this unheard song is shining on YouTube with a simple piano and the voice of Freddie.

The Woman
On June 22 Meryl Streep turned 70 and we just want to say how cool she is - a real superwoman.

The Garden
It's so easy to make garlic on our own. We just need patience and then we wait to see how hot it turns.

The Bag is the site from which you can get the most efficient bag for long flights.

From the next year you can go there on water for only 4 hours for 70 euros.


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