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11 September 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Here's the most delicate being we've ever seen in Sofia - Italian Greyhound. Ето го най-деликатното създание, което някога сме срещали в софийски подлез – италианска хрътка. It was carrying around a teenager in baggy cloths (to make her look even more delicate), and friends say she is the most loving and pure dog in the world. One for us too!

Do we need another comic book villain who becomes bad while crying? Yeeees, we're saying to Joaquin Phoenix, who convinced the Venice Festival that comedian Arthur Fleck's grim story wasn't just another one in the deck. We play it here in October as well.

If you are vegetarian, on some dark days you may be wondering what's beyond  meat. The answer is more meat - or at least something that has its taste and aroma but has a vegetable composition. Boom! just grilled Beyond Meat in a burger called after it.

If you are going to listen to sexy new albums, play them with more style than "honestly, the sound from my phone is great". It's not. Nothing personal, but it sure might sounds better from the core of a walnut - like this Gingko Mi Square with Bluetooth connectivity and powerful bass for 50 pounds.

At home. We're not talking about moving the cabinet to sweep from under it, think with more scope. Playing Tetris with old furniture to make your bedroom or living room feel like new? This rearranges not only the home but also fundamentally the head.

From the puzzle that FKA twigs shows us in October - so far she has released a sad story and this holy terrain with rapper Future, which hits a lot more energy. There is something sacred about the producer of the whole affair: Nicholas Jaar.

"If you are afraid of the dark, just turn on the lamp" is not the best advice when you have this on your bedside table (from for £30). It's clear though - Stephen King fans are dying to pull the devil by the cable.

The time has come to promise that we will be in the mountains every weekend until the winter, but so that we don't be left with "okay, but where to go", we first go to The site details the routes and discusses the difficulty of each one. We're coming.

We wish Caged was a word easier to pronounce, because we haven't stopped talking about it since it passed as hissing electricity through our bodies last Saturday in Plovdiv.
If its creators read this, we ask for a second intoxication - when again?

photo Stephen N. Shterev

The leather shirt is the next classic you will endlessly defend with "it's not like yours from uni at all, dad." It really isn't, it comes in new collections after a serious facelift in color and silhouette - we're into it.


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