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8 December 2019
The things that make our lives better.

We have seen Stanislav Belovsky's paintings and we laughed when we came across the collage pieces he was posting on his Instagram. Varna Airport on the Moon and Lionel Messi, who wore his panties in a picture of Dali? Followed.

Frida Kahlo's 15 different portraits may not sound like the perfect 2020 calendar, but listen up: the drawings are of disadvantaged children from the nest of the creative studio Pregarni me. Your 20BGN go for them, choke the idea.

Watching your phone is not asocial if you type in an animal name on Google for many types the search engine produces 3D models that pop up in front of you and greet you in your own language. Cat good, but did you know how cheetah sounds?

On January 13, John Malkovich enters the HBO pompously as the The New Pope, and the trailer is so lavish and devilish that it's tempting to watch The Young Pope again. Well, it's themed - why not wander around the Vatican at Christmas with Paolo Sorrentino?

In their native England, they are called mince pie or just a Christmas pie - a stuffing of dried ones fruits wrapped in butter dough. We found them handmade in the store Little London and here's how it goes with a whole week the aroma of spices. Cheers to you too!

We told you when the web magazine ShadowDance wanted support to come out offline. Here is the noise of printing machines heard - look out for the first one dedicated to cyberpunk on the Book market. It looks neither punk nor the paper was going to die.

Because the bad news are still drowning the good in the world stream, an instagram starts tossing them belts. This is how from @the_happy_broadcast we hear that there is less and less thirst in Kenya, ever since technology makes salt water drinkable.

They are called "full-time scammers", but they are two nerds who are amazed at how over a million people are already listening to their channel RedLetterMedia . Inside, they talk about cinema - quite clever, in 4 forms, with beers. Open it too, Macaulay Culkin is passing.

This is a mural that we would invite to our bathroom today. Okay, maybe in time - the studio Such Stories works on request only. The flow of inspiration is at least flowing without waiting and tagging on their site

After this one, we are growing rapidly for Christmas to 60 pages in large format. This is already a program where we will gather not the week, but the entire previous decade, plus the most important thing for your 2020 schedule - an art calendar.


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