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26 February 2020
The things that make our lives better.

Mirror rooms by the Japanese artist, even seen for 15 seconds are good experience: You lose the idea of ​​reality with your whole body, which does not understand where the reflection begins. It will be on a flight to London standing - in May at Tate Modern.

photo Ron Cogswell

You might as well call them jeans, but the issue here is in their first name - balloon jeans are the new high waisted and wide legged feminine model that comes to replace mom jeans in our wardrobe. It's time for bare ankles, jump in the bubble.

"It's happening ...", said one by one all the Friends in their social media accounts. Okay, this is not a reboot of the series, it's an " exclusive episode " in May, which will throw us in our pocket to access the new HBO Max. We give in as long as the platform comes to us.

Робърт Уилсън ще поставя в Народния театър последната пиеса на Шекспир – есента започват репетиции за Бурята. Ако не сте чували за режисьора, всеки от Лейди Гага през Сюзан Зонтаг до Марина Абрамович е – и това са само част от тези, с които е работил.

We saw March on the calendar, so time to open freezer. From there we take out frozen banana pieces, which we break with a little frostbitten blueberries and blackberries - there is nothing in this bowl we regret.

"Is the car a giant? Or is he tiny?" say a comment about Jean Bugatti's Bugatti from 1932, we can also see a woman maintains her lawn with a 1950s space lawnmower. And everything like this we can see at @historic.img instagram.

In 2017, Camille Rainville wrote the essay "Be a Lady", they say. Now the text comes out of Cynthia Nixon's mouth and urgent eyes against cruel footage. Be a Lady They Said is a rare breed of viral video that is shaking.

Our alleyways may be sad, but our wheels are racing. If you've been suffering, hear this: The new Streebl is a super-secure bike parker that you open, unlock and lock with your phone. Out of 35 0 wheels installed so far have escaped - ole!

Let's just say: The Raven of Edgar Allen Poe Plus Elin Pelin's translation and cover from Ivan Milev, painted on the text, but unpublished so far. The result is good, we want it in our library.

When self-control skips a banana, it can happen that we wipe a hundred grams of Rois from their raw almonds, wrapped in chocolate and tossed in cinnamon. It's crunchy, melting and bubbling with its latest powdery supplement.


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