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11 March 2020
The things that make our life better.

It was uncourteous to sneeze without a hand to your mouth when we were kids, but by the new rules you better use your elbow to protect others.

The Estonian musician has got some weird images in his clips to go with his instagram @tommycashworld, which is 18+ in the funniest way possible. He's also coming here for the Wrong Fest in July, when we're also hoping he's going to dance on stage - which he can be pretty weird at also.

They call it cauliflower rice or cous-cous, because it can be used instead of them in recipes quite easily. Simply chop it to little pieces, then put it in some olive oil for a few minutes on the cob - it comes out as fluffy as snow.

We roll on top of the foam roller for a deep massage: important, if you're working out, but the pain is sweet even if you're just spending a lot of time sitting down on a chair.

The Zodiac serial killer is still unidentified so a lot of theories are all around, but wat if you think he's your own dad? That's the story of Hulu's miniseries The Most Dangerous Animal of All.

Chocolate brownie is not bad, but this tahini variation for 2 leva at Slance i luna is simply amazingly good: it's moist from the inside, crispy on the outside, and perfectly soft all throughout.

So far, they have been feeding us with steaming meat from their kitchen on wheels, but here they are permanently parked - everything from the ribs to the chili con carne will be happening in the backyard of Graf Ignatiev 26. They also cook it with bourbon, which adds up once you check our their name Barbecue Brothers Bourbon Bar.

Eminem released Music to be Murdered by at the end of January, and now fresh from the album we listen to Godzilla - a song in which the rapper doesn't breathe, while the video is in the memory of the second voice in the track, Juice WRLD who passed away in December.

Of  The Undoing, a mini psycho thriller series (by the creator of Big Little Lies) in which Nicole Kidman is a successful therapist before a death and an echo of horrifying secrets flood her life. Starting May 10 on HBO.

Natural intellect - that's the smart name of the new Bulgarian podcast in GI with psychologist Slavi Stoev about our emotional health.


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