Top 10: The social project, the beer and more...

13 April 2021 photo Mihail Novakov
The things that make our lives better.

The Social Project
A street lamp near the Women's Market shines with the faces of children, women and men from the Roma community. The project is called Personal lighting , it is the work of Venelin Shurelov and Fine Acts (creative studio for social change) and will raise the issue of the visibility of people from the minority until 30 April.

ph Mihail Novakov

The Beer
This month marks the 10th anniversary of the premiere of Game of Thrones. Warner Bros merge their efforts with the Danish brewery Mikkeller to produce a special selection of beer inspired by the show. Cheers to all Stark, Lannister, Targaryan and & hellip; White wanderers.

The Rumours
There has been a lot of buzz about David Lynch and his work on a new series for Netflix. Great news (if it's true). Lynch's projects are always secret, so we may not understand what Wisteria is until it appears on our television screens (if it appears). For now, there is talk of a sequel to Twin Peaks , but we'll see (eventually) with our own eyes.

The Returning
Rick and Morty's fifth season has an official start date: June 20. The mad scientist and his poor grandson will once again bend the universe on the flank and tear science at the seams. If you missed the first four seasons - act, it's all on Netflix.

Several models have already come out as a result of a collaboration between Adidas and Lego, but the latest ones are the coolest. The shoes don't just look like a constructor's tile, they really are. If you go crazy over them, you can have them for $ 200.

The Dogs
TikTok and Instagram are sprayed with photos and videos of decorated Italian Greyhound dogs. Try the honeytheiggy Instagram profile. Nothing special. Just for laughs.

It is 200 years since Baudelaire's birth: the father of modernism, the forerunner of symbolism and the founder of the French decadent movement of the second half of the 19th century. We remember Flowers of Evil for BGN 10 by Zahariy Stoyanov.

The board game
In the new Monopoly SpongeBob SquarePants you buy, sell, pay rent and so on, but not for real estate, but for memes. The game is fun and pretty crazy and most - the best part is that whether you win or lose, you will find the right meme to send your opponent after it is over.

The bag
The bag, which literally blew up the internet, is from Louis Vuitton's new men's fashion collection, made to look like an airplane, and costs $ 39,000. We have nothing more to add.


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