Top 10: The rescue mission, the cartoon and more...

11 June 2021
Things that make our life better.

Magazine New Yorker comments on the long-awaited removal of the masks with a funny cartoon from @ juan.astasio, in which the artist gargles with popular sex-revealing parties . However, it is not future babies that are found here, but chins, which are not always a good sight, especially after months of isolation in front of the refrigerator & hellip;

The TV Series
The stand-up videos from which we know the comedian May Martin did not prepare us at all for her talent for writing TV series, so the first episode of her semi-biographical drama Feel Good left us with our mouths open. If you're a fan of Fleebag , both seasons (now available on Netflix ) are yours beer.

The traffic light
In the midst of Pride, several European capitals have found a way to express solidarity with all different members of society with traffic lights in which the green man has been replaced by special symbols celebrating gender diversity.

The last flap
Our favorite Taika Whitey marked the end of the photos of Thor: Love and Thunder with this insta pearl in the company of the god of thunder Chris Hemsworth. The post below the photo says that the film is his craziest project ever & ndash; as if we need more reasons to tremble by May 2022.

The return
After a 30-year hiatus, NASA is once again sending research missions to Venus. DAVINCI + and VERITAS head to the dense atmosphere of the planet to find out how it became an uninhabited world with hellish temperatures, given that it approached the Earth in so many parameters.

The hairstyle
We could have sworn that the mules (remember: "business in front, party in the back") are just a faint memory of the 80's, along with the denim vests and earrings on one ear, but hold on - this summer the "cult" haircut does the opposite. turn and have already landed on the heads of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Zendaya and who else. Are you holding on?

The anniversary
Hummingbird celebrates 2 centuries since the birth of Charles Baudelaire with a new luxury edition of Flowers of Evil. We also celebrate - not only because we have a new reason to bury ourselves in the verses of the extravagant poet, but also because at the same time we receive 15 illustrations by Ulrich Mertens.

The rescue mission
After being trapped on an island in Lake Baringo, Kenya, the Asiva giraffe was rescued by a group of local conservationists aboard a steel barge that swam more than a mile to a sheltered refuge on land - thankfully completely unharmed.

The accessory
The fashion brand COS celebrates love in all its dimensions with a limited line of recycled cotton bags. 100 percent of the proceeds go to organizations fighting for the human rights of the LGBTQ + community around the world. We can also include a purchase at

The video
While we are waiting for the second album of the child prodigy Billy Ailish at the end of July, we are dancing to the next single, with which the singer warmed up his release these days. The song is Lost Cause, the vocals are still quiet and melancholic, but the video is a mega party in the style of a slumber party.


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