Top 10: The virtual bar, the returning and more...

1 March 2021
The things that make our lives better.

We have heard of cups of discarded coffee flakes, but a Colombian company has gone much further. Mixing recycled plastic with discarded coffee flakes, she builds ... well, homes. They cost $ 4,500 each and may be the future of eco-building.

The museum
We are already used to the fact that the museum is not just a physical space. It is proved by three Spanish advertisers who made the world's first COVID Art Museum . In its virtual holdings (@covidartmuseum), the museum stores hundreds of artworks created during the pandemic.

The books
The publishing house Kryg revives Vonnegut. His first novel, Mechanical Piano (with which Vonnegut claims to be the writer who will throw your hat at least 100 meters away), is already in bookstores. There are others ahead as Vonnegut deserves - with hard covers and impressive design.

The radio
Radio Garden transports us audio around the world. We can hear local radio stations in Africa, news from Scandinavia or pop from Japan ... The website, launched as a project, has grown to unrecognizable proportions, including as an application.

The artist
The Italian artist Valeriano Fatika has sculpted the faces (with attention and tons of details) of some of the most recognizable characters from the Marvel movie universe on ... coffee beans. If your heart is pounding, you can order from Fatica’s Etsy store. The price is 150 euros per head.

The photos
What did people like Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein really look like? The YouTube channel Two Minute Papers presents a brand new AI program that can make restored versions of historical photos. But not just in color, but also in super resolution.

The merchandise
There is almost no Star Wars merchandise that could surprise us. However, we were impressed by the latest article praising the galactic saga: themed boxing gloves. We can now beat the Empire with hooks and uppercuts.

The discovery
"We found that people in the REM phase of sleep can engage in real-time communication," said Ken Paler, a psychology professor and author of the mind-blowing study. "We have also shown that sleepers are able to understand questions, engage their working memory and provide answers." Holy f ***!

The program
I Miss My Bar is a fun tool that recreates a bar atmosphere at home: from hanging out with friends to the serenity of an outdoor beer. In the "about" section it is noted that this way we will not completely replace the real experience, but until April 1 it will still work.

The Return
After numerous debates, the books return to Slaveykov Square. However, their number will be reduced to 7 stalls, which will have their own heating, lighting and shed.


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