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26 February 2015
The things that make our lives better.

The Parcel

We don't mean preserves or a shipment by ebay. To send somebody a present the old-fashioned way via the post office is priceless. If you are thinking what we are thinking - yes, our mothers do celebrate on 8 March.

The Door

Fantastic piece of wood. And still we feel a bit regret - are we really ready to move a dead trunk so that we can pass in the other room?

12 April

It is only a month till the beginning of the 5th season of Game of Thrones. They won't stop attack us with teasers, as if we could (or would) escape them.

The Pijamas

Especially on Sunday till the early afternoon, accompanied by slow coffee and breakfast. At least one a week we have to let loose.

The Emotions

Apple are ready to release emoticons with different-coloured people as a step towards battling with racism. So far, the comments are 50/50 - won't the faces divide us more than unite us?

The Jump and Dive

Grigor Dimitrov jumped of a 30-meter cliff in Acapulco. There are more difficult thingsin the world (for example the return of Jockovich's serve), so we put it on our list for the summer.

The Rose

On Gwyneth Paltrow's dress at the Oscars. We prefer her simple beauty before the 6000 pearls on Lupita Niongo.

The Cats

The number of tigers in India (70% of the tiger population lives there) has increased 30% in the last 4 years! These are not just numbers, but the mathematics of hope.

The Continuation

The first 6 pages of the comic book by Chuck Palanouk Fight Club 2 made their debut on the internet with the threat "Some imaginary friends never go away". We wait for them patiently at the end of May.


You know - it is better when the cup is half full.

The Exhibition

By Bjork at MoMA (starting 8 March). It is a 20-year retrospective of her work in the form of music, video, instruments, costumes, photos... New York is only a 12-hour flight from here! The other option is to catch her tour for Vulnicura at the Czech Republic or Slovakia in July.


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