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12 March 2015
The things that make our life better.

Gum Boots
They are an inseparable part of keeping our feet dry. The spring rains are the next natural disaster to overcome, so we are going to wear them for a long time.

Robbie Williams
He will be at Bucharest on 17 July - it is just too close not to go. Tickets are disappearing at a lightning speed, so head over to

Better than gums. And we support the Bulgarian manufacturers.

Art is Comic
A funny project, in which the artist, the connoisseur and the random (the roles assigned by the author Albena Baeva) discuss the problems of the art through funny situations instead of serious talks. Stay tuned at

The Golden Ticket
For Sofia Film Fest. If you are lucky, you can pull out a pass that will ensure your (and a friend's) entrance to all screenings and parties of the festival.

The Umbrella
It won't become unnecessary soon. Actually, the problem is technical and we can't find a place in Sofia that mends umbrellas. It sure is a dying business when there is the tempting offer to buy a new one for 5lv on each corner. But what do we do when the umbrella (and the duck) has sentimental value?

The Pencils
They can only be overshadowed by fine-tipped pens and they usually win over.

Snezhina Petrova
She is great and we are waiting for the next great thing coming from her. While we wait patiently, we can watch again The Old Lady from Calcuta.

By Rosin Murphy. While we've been waiting her new album Hairless Toys for 8 years now, we can wait a little longer - for now, we are happy to hear her new song Jealousy in disco or house remix, from 16 March (but you can also check it out on her facebook page).

The 5 Minutes
In which you meet a friend outside the office. Several sips of coffee and a few sentences can melt the stress away better than a massage. We plan on doing this again tomorrow.


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