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2 April 2015
The things that make us happy.

Day 100
10 April is the 100th day of the year. It seems only yesterday that we started 2015. Maybe it is not a bad idea to check our progress more often so that we could breath easily at the end of the year.

Leonard Cohen
He will release a new album in May. Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour closes his epic tour during the last 5 years plus 2 new songs. Our ears can't wait.

Instagram helps us make collages of our days with a few brushes of our fingers in the new app Layout. It's comfortable and develops a little further the latent artist within us (those who take pictures mostly of themselves will see the whole truth).

Wild Animals
We love them, of course, but we want to tell you about an organization with the same name, which helps if they are in trouble. If you find a wounded hedgehog, bat, owl or any other animal, you can call to receive emergency assistance - at facebook or at

The Joke
We don't know if McDonald's are joking, but we are rolling out loud laughing. Boots, sheets and dog's outerwear with burger print!? For now, the line is available only in Sweden, but it threatens to spread like a wild fire.

The Illustrations
By rubyetc on Tumblr. She draws on all kinds of themes such as "i love potatoes so much" to "why going to therapy is fun".

Japanese Miracle
Yogi Yamamoto is a god (of deconstruction at fashion). Hello Kitty is a little over the board. What else can we expect from the newly announced collaboration?

The Meeting
This drawing is by Ivan Shopov, known as DJ Cooh, Drum Kid and Balkansky. You will find it spread on a whole page in our print edition - it's a separate page and you can pin it up. We will present different authors the same way.

The Garden
The inner garden in the city is like a whole big yard around your country house - it wants care and attention, not being littered by plastic bags and cigarettes. These flowers grow in the back yard of our office and hint at the spring weather and cleaning.

The X-Files
Are back! FOX ordered 6 episodes continuing the paranormal activity of Muldur and Scully. The production is set to start in the summer and all people are on their places. The years pass by, but the truth is still out there...

The Words
Won't someone make such magnets in Bulgarian? It's not that we don't like to talk dirty in English, but sometimes we just want to get up in the morning and see on the fridge's door "Love you. Drank the milk."


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