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9 October 2019
The things that make our lives better.

We are used to the harshness and crudity in this series, but making a new season 2 years?! Now that's something else, they admit it themselves. We're stopping waving fingers - first the shoot us with the trailer, and the portal to all the episodes open up on November 10th.

Govori Internet start a new podcast in Bulgarian, which is supposed to be as strong as a shot of espresso - Den. is the news in less then 8 minutes, without added sugar and drama. We've been listening since day one and are much more awake at 5 in the afternoon when they pour us.

We are not out of season - the autumn violets are just blooming in the garden next to the Palace. Whether they smell stunning, we dare not check (here's something for the next quiz - some varieties of flower paralyze the sense of smell while you sniff them).

They call it the baker boy hat, and it just broke into the new fall fashion. With straps or buttons, monochrome and raw fabrics - this is what will keep our heads out of the wind this year, after we finished last with berets.

We don't stumble into something like the sidewalk for the first time, but isn't it nice when a city manages to surprise you with rare street art? This one-of-a-kind gallery, signed by a bunch of artists, is at Layosh Koschut 26.

5 minutes a great but lonely fox checks things out from it's Task of the day - this is a short animation of Petya Zlateva that we send to the Oscars. A verse by Stefan Ivanov gives the story, Compote Collective are helping with producing, and we cross our fingers.

These Italian sweets are like big drops, but their almond taste is surprisingly deep. They last long in the package, from where for a full dolce fita their aroma goes out every day to meet that of coffee.

After making it for the Taja, Greenpeace and friends also climbed to our oldest hut, Skakavica in Rila, to pack it in photovoltaic panels, ready to cover its most important electricity needs. Hooray and may this green wave flood our other mountains.

photo Vanya Atanasova

That someone built for a street cat family on Budapest Street. Will they, like the dogs, we wonder, stand to guard such a building instead of royally walking around wherever they wish? We saw with our own eyes - they didn't want to leave at all.

Ideal basalt columns, naturally derived from the lava of an ancient volcano. This is how sometimes you don't need myths about giants who have built this path across the sea to stand in front of it with the mouth in the shape of an "O". Bushmills is nearby, if you ask us for directions.

photo Giorgio Galeotti


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