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30 October 2019
The things that make our lives better.

It's not clear how a wolf and a bear who otherwise bites everything alive can understand each other, but here it is. They both play, hunt and have dinner together for days in front of the lens of Finnish Lassie Rautianen.

More the title My Sister the Serial Killer unfolds the plot and briefly introduces the two characters. We will add that it is a black comedy with a pulse on thriller, a debut for its Nigerian-English author and a nomination for Booker .

With an arc of water jets, as is customary in aviation, the airport welcomed the first flight of Eurowings to Sofia. What this means? That for little money now many more corridors to Europe will open up to us, while tickets to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart are already flying.

© Sofia Airport

Mongolian Wondha Mountain explains that the costumes in the video for Divine Madness came to him during a lucid dream. We run the alarm so you can monitor it too.  

A man who doesn't eat burgers vows to wait for his next crazy Friday night to eat breakfast again: a fried fried egg, spread cheddar, crunchy bacon, veal meatballs with chorizo ​​and a tart bread. In Skaptoburger they call it simply B1 , it's a light 300g, for 9.99BGN.

Don't look at what the awning says, it's old - it's the bar Gaba's new place and the name is literally New Place. Opendt close to Sofia University (Tsar Osvoboditel 17) with a slightly kinky invitation to attend its birth. Now we are visiting to see it grow.  

The captain of Star Trek Jean-Luc Picard apparently really lives a long life and is developing, already in his own series. The trailer just showed us Patrick Stewart at the end of the 24th century, years after the Next Generation , and the first episode is landing in early 2020.

Hanа Karim makes them in Ljubljana, and from here we look and think: if they feed the eye and almost look like art, but they go out to 25BGN from , Isn't the deal worth It?

It looks and blooms and smells like spring, so it's no wonder they call it a Japanese lilac. And the biggest plus is that instead of getting naked, it stays green in winter to keep you fresh in the pot, garden and soul.

Once you have the exquisite plates, put something a little dirty in them. For example, this combination of a cookie and brownie. They call him crownie, in Bulgarian - something like bisrownie. We just crown it here, with no room for a recipe (but it's full online). 


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