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11 November 2019
The things that make our lives better.

Amber is the color that currently covers nature, so give yourself a day or at least an afternoon out of town for a look. Last weekend we discovered another nuance – the turquoise that filled the abandoned mine in the 1990s Medet near Panagyurishte.

There are 52 cruel portraits in the Great Movie Directors. With bios only in few pages we are unlikely to learn anything new about our favorites, but we still pull out the popcorns - each deployment of this encyclopedia inserts one more heading into the watch list.

photo Orange books

H&M launches geometric elements for the home, drawn by designer Jonathan Adler.

"Strange, shining puzzle" are writting from Guardian after his concert in London. So does his new song Makes Me Wonder, and the memoir Hell Is Round the Corner.

Video game creator Hideo Kojima has a killer taste in music because Missio, Flora Cash and The Neighborhood are slamming into his latest creation Death Stranding. We're not sworn gamers, but thanks for the new top music. 

We do not know how in her couple's podcast, Esther Perell manages to be both a warm and cold blood therapist. In our new Spotify, How's Work? , we listen to sessions in a different type of relationship – between colleagues. Well, how was it at work – emotionally intelligent, yes?

Its name sounds fictional because it is: in the 1980s in California and Israel, they simultaneously thought of crossing the grapefruit pomelo. Here's the result – sweet and fresh, and probably already in the nearby supermarket since.

Were you drawn to the fall of the Wall in the 89th? If not, Bogdanov & Misirkov stuffed an egg in your hands with this new documentary The Sweetest. Check it out at , where some are collecting chocolate packs, others sewing Burda, others buying diapers from Vienna.

To have more events that introduce us to the art tones at the National Palace of Culture – this is what we wished leaveing Hall 6 on Saturday, where this Svetlin Rusev lives and shines even in a darkened atmosphere. The palace also shows them on their site if you ask.


If you've ever made fun of how French write "eau" to say "о" and, in general, you like language jokes, earn membership in The Language Nerds - factory for linguistic wit on the back of the english, perfect for facebook scroll on the subway.


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